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D Lannon Plumbing & Heating are registered installers of boiler systems from major manufacturers Viessmann, Baxi, Ideal, Instinct, Alpha, Biasi, Main, Ferrolli and Ariston

We insist on using only the best quality boilers that will provide a reliable heating and hot water service to your home.

All the boilers we fit have the option of an extended warranty (conditions apply). Our experienced after sales team are also available should you have any questions about your new boiler.


Why do I need a new boiler installed or a replacement?

Boilers can, over time, become costly and inefficient to run, particularly with heating technology improving all the time. With the introduction of condenser boilers, which are a lot more efficient than their predecessors – more often at least 25% more efficient – we’ve seen many people replace their existing boilers with condenser boilers to reap the huge benefits of extra warmth for their money. After all, everyone loves saving money on their energy bills!

If your current boiler is on the blink or is simply old, outdated and costing you too much money to run, then it may be worth considering a replacement boiler. By law, all new boilers must be condenser boilers but you have a choice of which type of condenser boiler you’d like to have installed.

Combi Boiler Installations

Combi boilers are the most popular type of condenser boiler being used today. With the ability to heat water on the fly, without having to use a water tank, combi boilers are perfect for properties that are short on space with the boiler only requiring a cupboard-sized space, most often place in the kitchen area. With instant hot water run off the mains, combi boilers also improve your shower pressure so you may need to change your shower to a thermostatic valve shower or mixer shower to fully benefit.

The only downside you may experience with a combi boiler is a drop in pressure if someone is using the hot water tap at the same time as you’re using hot water.

ideal combi boiler installation

System Boiler Installations

If space isn’t an issue and you have multiple residents or workers that may need access to hot water at the same time without a loss of pressure, then you may be interested in having a System Boiler installed.

System boilers, aka Sealed Systems, require the use of a water cylinder so unlike combi boilers, you can’t get hot water instantly unless you’ve already pre-heated water that has been stored in the tank. With the cold water supplied directly from the mains then heated by the boiler before being stored in the water cylinder, there’s no need for a cold water tank in the loft.

If your property or household requires plenty of hot water throughout the day, you may find that the System Boiler may not be adequate for your needs as it delivers the hot water that has been stored in your hot water cylinder. Unless you programme water to be heated at various points of the day, you may be left without hot water when you need it most.

Conventional Boiler Installation

Conventional Boilers, also known as Regular Boilers, are traditionally found in properties that have plenty of space to accommodate both the water cylinder and a cold water tank, the latter which is often situated in the loft.

Similar to a System Boiler, water is heated and stored in a hot water cylinder however a Conventional Boiler draws water from the cold water cylinder rather than directly from the mains.

Many older properties that haven’t had a new boiler in recent years will most likely have a conventional boiler installed. Whilst conventional boilers are great for properties where multiple users need to use hot water at the same with constant pressure, it requires the property to have the space to store all the various equipment needed for the boiler to successfully operate and heat.

Boiler Installation By Qualified, Gas-Safe Plumbers

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