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Regular boiler servicing is essential if you want to keep your boiler running smoothly. It can be a great way to identify and resolve potential problems before they develop into major issues. It’s important to understand that effective boiler servicing is more than just a simple safety check – instead, it will ensure that your boiler is operating as efficiently as possible.

Boiler servicing will help to identify a range of problems and allow you to resolve them before your boiler breaks down or they become extremely costly to fix. At D. Lannon, you can also be sure that we will check associated features, such as your flue, to make sure that are operating correctly and in the safest manner possible. For many boilers, it is also a condition of their warranty, so effective and reliable boiler servicing from a Gas Safe Registered engineer is absolutely essential.

What Is Boiler Servicing?

Essential, the D. Lannon engineer will give your boiler a thorough inspection to make sure it is working as efficiently as possible. We will search for a range of potential indicators which could suggest later problems. These could include:

  • Broken or Worn Seals.
  • Damaged Gaskets.
  • Worn Heat Exchanger.
  • Pipe Integrity.
  • Leaks and Drips.

If any of these are identified, then your boiler may need to have some repair work done to it to avoid larger problems further down the line. Identifying and resolving these issues quickly can be the key to saving yourself a small fortune in the future.

What Should a Good Boiler Service Include?

If you aren’t up to speed on the basics of boiler servicing and repair, then it is easy for some unscrupulous engineers to perform only minor checks. Here at D. Lannon, we believe in a thorough inspection of your boiler to ensure there aren’t any issues which can be resolved.

Our boiler servicing should take about half an hour, depending on how easy the boiler is to access, and will include:

  • An initial visual check on the flame and the entire boiler itself.
  • In-depth inspections of the attached flue. In most cases, this can be an external inspection, but if there are any signs of damage we will inspect the internals of the flue as well.
  • Checking and potentially testing the operating pressure of your boiler, in addition to the heat input.
  • The thorough inspection of all attached safety devices.
  • Inspection of all appropriate case seals. This is to ensure that the main components of the boiler are sealed.
  • Entire boiler casing removal – this is so the engineer can give the main boiler components an overview. In this step, the main boiler components that we will be inspecting include:
    • The Burner.
    • The Fan.
    • The Heat Exchanger.
    • The Main Injector.
    • The Spark Probes.
    • The Sensor Probes.
  • A boiler firing to identify any immediate working faults in the system.
  • If necessary, specific boiler parts will be cleaned.
  • A comprehensive service report showing everything that our engineer has done and inspected.

Choose D. Lannon For Professional Boiler Servicing

Here at D. Lannon, we provide industry-leading and reliable boiler servicing to properties of all shapes and sizes. Whether your home, business or industrial space’s boiler is due for a check-up, we can help. All of our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and will be able to give your boiler the thorough inspection it needs to ensure long-lasting reliability.

For more than 30 years, our team have been providing a complete range of commercial heating and plumbing services to all kinds of private and public-sector properties. Whether your domestic boiler needs inspecting, or a comprehensive multi boiler system needs servicing, you can be assured of the same high-quality service from our professional team.

We can help you to identify issues before they turn into major problems requiring a costly repair. Our team are familiar with every kind of boiler, meaning that you can be assured of a quick and reliable service. We believe in thoroughness, and our team will never sign off on something they believe to be dangerous.

Based in Wigan, the D. Lannon team are proud to offer an incredible service to all properties in the surrounding areas. Whether you are a school in Orrell, an industrial building in Chorley or a home in Hindley, we are here to help you and ensure your boiler offers a long and happy service.

So, if your boiler is due for a service, don’t hesitate! For more information on our boiler servicing, you can get in touch with our professional team today. You can reach us directly by calling 01942 833366 and talking to our friendly staff today. Alternatively, you can head over to our Contacts page and, using our quick and easy online form, request an email or call back at a time that is convenient for you.

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